Cops arrest woman over $1.16 tax bill

This is not a misprint. That’s right, the Loveland cops arrested the former Miss Ohio for unpaid taxes totaling $1.16.

The $1.16 could be just the beginning, as she may end up paying hundreds of dollars in fines for the unfiled tax forms, not because she owes more money but because she did not file.

City Manager Fred Enderle says the original small amount owed is not the real issue.

"Whether it’s $1 they owe us or $1,000 they owe us, it’s not fair to the rest of the public to not pursue that person," he told the station. "There is some expense involved, but again it goes back to the principle of the thing. We have laws. The laws have to be complied with. At what cost do you quit enforcing the law?"

So let me get this right, It doesn’t matter how much of the taxpayers money we waste, just so long as everyone pays every last cent of their taxes. Would somebody fire this guy? Where does he get off spending our hard earned tax dollars frivolously?

Enderle was hired to do his job to the best of his ability. He has a responsibity to the people who hired him to make good sound decisions, for the good of the community. How does arresting this poor woman serve the public interest? Have we become a nation so full of laws that we can’t treat each other with respect?

What happened to, "to protect and to serve?" The police aren’t at the whim of some city official. They are supposed to make the streets safe from criminals, not pander to pencil pushers, bent on acting all high and mighty. This is a gross misuse of power and position.

Mr. Enderle needs to find out what side of his bread to butter. If you don’t want to post on the blog fine but at least give this guy a call and shame him for using poor judgement. He owes Deborah Combs an apology.

To reach Fred Enderle, City Administration
Call (513) 683-0150 or
Fax (513) 583-3040

To reach the Tax Department
(513) 683-0150 or
(513) 583-3035 or
Fax (513) 583-3037