The Real ID Act = A National ID System

Today the Real ID Act was brought to my attention. This legislation, like the US PATRIOT Act, was never read or debated in congress. Instead, they sneak it into other legislation and are attempting to pass it without the least of public awareness. Take a moment and take action. Let your representatives know that you will not tolerate their abuse. The letter below is my own tirade to my idiot California senators. I have no fantasy they’ll vote anything less than in favor of any and every abusive legislation, but I do hope that the message will spark action within the hearts and minds of those, like me, that refuse to tolerate the encroachments of an increasingly fascist government.


Please cast a NO vote on the proposed Real ID.

It does not suprise me that history appears to once again be repeating itself.

Before you contemplate your vote for the Real ID take a few moment to ask a historian about the Burning of the Reichstag ( ) in Germany, 1933, which, like the terrorist activities of today, was used as fuel to pass totalitarian legislation and eliminate the freedom and privacy of the people of Germany, paving the way for dictatorship and religious and social persecution, and later attempted genocide.

To say “this cannot happen in America” and even consider an affirmative vote is outright hypocrisy.

I beg you to vote NO on the Real ID. There is no other option that can be perceived as keeping with American values or traditions.