Election Protests

Big Apple braced for Bush – and storm of protest

It was more Tiananmen Square than Times Square, but the New York Police Department had to rehearse somehow. In black riot gear, with full weaponry, police joined battle with protesters and bundled them, handcuffed, into vans.

The “rioters” were police cadets and their placards – “no justice, no peace” – were a good deal more civil than those the NYPD will be dealing with next week when the Republican National Convention convenes in Manhattan.

President George Bush has chosen the city that voted against him by five-to-one at the last election to hold an event that will present the biggest terrorist target in the world. With an estimated 250,000 protesters, it will be the city’s toughest-ever policing exercise.

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Why You Should NOT Protest the RNC

By the Glorious Revolutionary Federation of Fortune 500 Killers

Next week, an estimated 250,000 people will “descend”, as its organizers hyperbolically term it, into New York City to protest the Republican National Convention.

First, New York City will be the equivalent of a police state during the Republican National Convention. The NYPD, police forces from other cities, and illegally placed military police more or less have all areas covered and will dispose of any meaningful protest promptly and violently. Therefore, we see the protests against the Republican National Convention as nothing more than a self-congratulating exercise in dramaturgy without much surprise or shock to “the enemy”.

Operation Rescue Founder Randall Terry
to Lead Rallies in New York City

Contact: Gary McCullough,

title=”http://www.societyfortruthandjustice.com/”>Society for Truth and Justice
(202) 546-0054

Posted (August 27, 2004)

Pro-Choice Republicans Poison the Party.
A House divided Cannot Stand.

New York City Protest and Press Conference Details:

When: On Monday, August 30, 2004;
Press Conference at 11:30 AM. Protest from 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Where: At the corner of West 33rd Street & 9th Avenue, close to the media entrance for Madison Square Gardens

Who: Randall Terry, founder of Operation Rescue

Why: To denounce the high profile involvement of pro-choice Republicans at the GOP convention, and to show the threat they are to the pro-life movement, and the Republican Party as a whole.

Randall Terry led the largest peaceful civil-disobedience movement in America’s history. He will available the week of the Republican convention for interviews.

“The GOP has to decide if it is the party of Ronald Reagan — or the party of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Rudy Giuliani — they are not the same party.”

“We must put principle first, the party second. That means that if we deny a place of honor to someone like David Duke because he is a racist, we must also deny honor to someone like Rudy Giuliani because he betrays the right to life of unborn Americans. Slaughtering innocent human beings is every bit as evil as racism is.”

“If Schwarzenegger and Giuliani become the new poster boys of the GOP, the political agenda of the pro-life movement will be driven into exile.”

“We cannot have a ‘big tent’ with those who would destroy human beings on one side, and those who would save them on the other. This is mere appeasement to those who slay the innocent.”

-Randall Terry, founder of Operation Rescue, and
President of the Society for Truth and Justice.

Other protest events will occur from Saturday through Tuesday in NYC. A schedule of pro-life protests are available at: http://www.societyfortruthandjustice.com/event_details.htm

To schedule an interview with Randall Terry, please call Gary McCullough at (202) 546-0054 (cell).

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Boston Protest Against Kerry

Posted (July 23, 2004)
by: Annette M. Hall

Immediate Release: July 23, 2004

Contact: Gary McCullough, (202) 546-0054, of Operation Witness www.OperationWitness.com

Randall Terry, Founder of Operation Rescue to Lead Protests in Boston During Democratic National Convention

Boston–On Sunday, July 25 and Monday, July 26, Randall Terry, the founder of Operation Rescue, will lead protests in front of the Cathedral where Bishop Sean O’Malley will be speaking, the Democratic National Convention, and at the Boston Diocese office.

Each protest will include huge banners that ask the Bishops to Deny Kerry Communion and say that Kerry is unfit for President.

Details on the three protests:

  • Sunday, July 25, starting at 9:30 a.m. protest at Cathedral where Bishop Sean O’Malley will be speaking, 1400 Washington Street (South End)
  • Sunday, July 25, at 3 p.m. protest at the Catholic Diocese office of the Bishop Sean O’Malley, at 2121 Commonwealth Avenue (next to Boston College)
  • Monday, July 26, from 10 a.m. until 8 p.m. at the entrance of the Fleet Center

Protesters’ message is twofold:

  1. To implore Most Reverend Sean P. O’Malley to publicly state that any politician that supports abortion is not permitted to receive communion in this diocese and that no Catholic can in good conscience vote for any candidate from any party who supports the killing of unborn children by abortion. Bishop Sean P. O’Malley has been given a copy of an open letter imploring him to take such action. A copy of the letter can be read at www.societyfortruthandjustice.com/open_letter.htm
  2. John Kerry is ethically unfit to be President.

“We are asking Bishop Sean O’Malley to withhold Communion from politicians who support the murder of unborn children, and to declare to Catholics that they cannot in good conscience vote for any candidate that supports the killing of children by abortion.

Every time John Kerry receives communion it says that the Body and Blood of Christ are not that sacred, and that the murder of innocent children is not that evil: It says that Holy communion is not that holy, and that child-killing is not that profane. Such a message is intolerable.

A Kerry presidency would be an ethical disaster for our country. Kerry has shown himself to be more morally confused than Bill Clinton–which is hard to imagine.”

-Randall Terry, President of the Society for Truth and Justice

To interview Randall Terry, call (904) 687-9806 or (202) 546-0054

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