Voting for Change

American’s are fed-up but what will it take to effect change?

From Chicago to Sacramento, everyone is grumbling about the current climate of our nation. Too many of freedoms are being stripped away little by little. Yet, when you begin to talk about the election, that’s another matter entirely. Huh?

We inherited a free nation. We have free speech, freedom of (or is it "from") religion. Do we intend to keep it? How will we keep it, and most importantly, will our children be bestowed with the same rights and privileges their parents have known?

We have two massive political parties who have held power for decades and they are selling out the citizens of our nation. We’ve seen the government snatch up massive amounts of land. All throughout the western states, the map is dotted with large land grants, off-limits to the American public, or anyone else for that matter.

Our middle class jobs are being shipped overseas in record numbers. While at the same time our borders are being inundated with both "legal" and illegal aliens. People are arriving here in record numbers, driving down wages and the standard of living we citizens have had – or at least some of us would like to become accustomed to.

President Bush has promised us that cutting taxes would improve the job situation. We hear reports on the news daily about the increase of employment but where are we seeing these increases?

The jobs that are leaving are ones that can sustain a family and they are being replaced with low-paying service industry jobs (fast food for example).

Our President is attempting to implement a tried and true measure, but these, my friends, are not normal times. The same policies that President Reagan used to stimulate the economy in the 1980’s simply will not work today.

President Reagan was able to give large businesses tax breaks, which in turn allowed them to expand their business functions. This enabled them to hire more people, creating more and even better paying jobs.

Today the tax savings big business is experiencing is being used to prop up stockholders’ bottom-line and enable these companies to ship those jobs to India and elsewhere around the globe.

This is what is called the trickle down effect. Employers in India are able to increase their pay rates and still manage to stay well below American wage levels, enticing even more businesses to move massive amounts of jobs to their shores.

India’s middle class is growing at a rapid rate each and every year, already bigger than the population of the United States, is expected to grow to 445 million by 2006. Being financially secure (at least for now) allows India’s people the luxury of traveling abroad, and guess where they are going? That’s right…the good ole U.S. of A.

Their tourist dollars came from here and end up back here but in a much different form. Tourists visiting our country spend money on hotels, rental cars and restaurants, fueling our service industry.

Don’t be fooled by the false promises being made. We are fast becoming a nation dependent on our government for services we can no longer afford to provide for ourselves; government backed healthcare, welfare and childcare, are just a few of the services currently being paid for out of public funds due, in part, to the financial crisis being experienced by once self-sufficient families.

Do we really want to be the nation that panders to the needs of others? We are headed in that direction.

The last five years many of us have stood idly by as millions of jobs were sent offshore. Today India is training thousands of workers to take over our medical billing and transcription positions, call centers and many other positions people in this country depend upon to feed their families and pay for their vacations.

At the same time the American people are being told that job are on the increase. President Bush refuses to take action.

Society should not be forced to accept government hand-outs when all they really want is to be able to support their families in a dignified manner.

There are those who tell us we need more government sponsored daycare and preschool programs because today’s parents are too busy working and can’t afford to pay for the childcare services they are in need of.

This is a direct result of the loss of middle class jobs being shipped offshore. The last thing we need is another handout coming out of the taxpayers coffers. What we need is for someone to stand up for American workers. Businesses who choose to move operations offshore should not receive tax breaks or federal contracts.

We need a President who understands economics, someone who isn’t pandering to big business for dollars.

American’s are fed up – but until we are willing to vote our hearts instead of our party affiliation, things will remain much as they are.

President Bush is sending massive amounts of money to Iraq, the money we are told is to shore up their infrastructure, when in truth, American businesses are gouging taxpayers for the work being done in that country, lining the pockets of the businesses who have scrambled for those government contracts.

The profits are huge because Iraqi wages are much lower than wages found in this country. It’s a win-win situation for the companies who snagged those contracts, one with huge profit margins.

If anyone thinks John Kerry will improve the situation, they are sadly mistaken. He doesn’t have the courage it takes to make the hard decisions which must be made. His voting record tells the story or should I say lack of voting record? He rarely shows up for important votes.

The only alternative American’s have for real change is to turn our backs on the two major voting blocks and elect a President who doesn’t pander to special interests and isn’t afraid to make those tough decisions.

We must cut bureaucratic programs along with Uncle Sam’s intrusion into the lives of our citizenry. It wasn’t long ago I did a little calculating of my own and if you figure in all the government agencies, federal, state and local, government is employing at least 50% of the population. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that someone has to pay for all these "services" and that someone is you and me.

This nation is crumbling under the weight of its own government. Someone has to stand up and say enough is enough.

Democrats and Republicans alike will each give us more of the same. More of the same tax and spend theologies that have lead us where we are today.

I’ve heard many people express the same sentiments but when an alternative is suggested, voters become defensive: "If I vote for someone else, I’m throwing away my vote." So we continue to vote for what we believe is the "lesser of two evils".

If we each voted our hearts instead of following the path of least resistance, perhaps we would see real change and less rhetoric.

This year, I’m voting for the man I believe will put this nation back on track. Someone who will be fiscally responsible and will cull back government spending and governments encroachment on our freedoms. I’m asking you to do the same.

I refuse to vote for President Bush just because I don’t want John Kerry to win.

It will take some work to find such a candidate but I encourage you to share your suggestions and comments this election year. I haven’t found that "one in a million" candidate whom I can feel good about standing behind, but when I do, I’ll be sure to share the information with the world.