Facing the Issue of Issues

I think we lose too much as a nation if we condescend to the socialist attitude of declaring our support in our government by itemizing what stance we will tolerate from our leaders on many issues. I’m of a mind that every one of these ‘issues’ was concocted to further separate this great country. How do we escape this? How do any of us look past the issues into the very heart of government? We must first understand what our government *was* founded on.

Does anyone argue that our government was intended to be unobtrusive? That our lives were meant to be free? That opposition to excessive taxation was at the very heart of the reasons our nation was formed?

Please, for the sake of our country, look past your differences on the many issues that each party sits on and into the heart of our nation. I’m not asking you to give up your faith, your views, nor any other thing; I’m asking you to not take issue with the issues.

Our nation was formed on the understanding that there are things greater than you or I; that some things not even government can take away; that every person is fundamentally equal; and that when it comes to government – small is the only way.

So why is it failing? Why are we suffering through this socialist regime? Why do we take two steps back for every step forward?

It’s the issues, dear reader. The very issues you hold so dear. Those issues tear us all apart.

For every issue you’ve got to choose a side. By doing so you’ve opted into a rude ‘democracy’ of sorts, that only few recognize for what it is: mob rule. Please don’t get me wrong, I have great enthusiasm for democracy – and it works well as long as it is not the sovereign rule. By placing any issue – especially those intended to be protected – in the hands of the ‘majority’ you’ve allowed the mob to decide the fate of all. Our constitutional republic lays out very specifically what rights are protected, and yet there is legislation authored every day that wanes these rights closer and closer to nil. How can any nation survive if the principles it was founded on are abandoned? How can we survive as a nation if we allow our representatives to perpetually whittle at the core of our freedom?

We’ve got a hydra in our midst now – the more government is ‘reduced’ the more it grows to replace the functions that it had terminated. And this never-ending cycle will continue, forever, and on – or until we all understand that there *is* something greater than the issues.

I have strong views; no, I have *very* strong views. I would like very much for everyone in the world to follow my views: eliminate abortion; enforce the death penalty; eliminate homosexual relations; eliminate the anti-christian bigotry throughout the country. And my position on these issues will not be swayed. Period. But there is something more important. Our country is suffering from something that in my profession (programming) is called ‘feature creep’. Our representatives are trying to please too many people by adding too much garbage – onerous regulations – that only inhibits our freedoms more and more.

You won’t always be in the majority; with *protected* rights at least you know that some things cannot be taken away. I want my country back! Are you interested in helping? Please subscribe.

Shawn K. Hall